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Best At-Home Valentine’s Day Dates 2021

We're approaching month 11 of the pandemic (yikes!) and most of us are still stuck inside. Well, we’re here to throw you a bone and help you out with some date ideas. Keep reading for the best at-home and covid-friendly Valentine’s V-day dates!

1. Book an Airbnb virtual experience.

Want to have a fun experience but have it all planned out for you? Airbnb has you covered! There are so many things for you and your S.O. to do including meeting the dogs of Chernobyl, learning how to make Swedish pastries, or even getting a tarot card reading. We see fun and romance in your future...

2. Keep it simple and cook a meal together.

Something that requires minimal effort but yields high rewards is learning a new recipe and cooking it together! You can crack open a new cookbook, order an exotic mealkit, or make something up all your own. This can even be done virtually, FaceTime your quarantine fling and get to chef’in. You can even shake up a special cocktail for the occasion.

3. Have a wine and painting night!

Getting drunk and “accidentally” getting covered in paint? Yes, please! This is a fun way to not only brighten up your space with homemade art, but to get more intimate with your S.O. Painting their portrait is a fun and surprisingly intense way to really get to know them better, and drinking some wine never hurts. Maybe you’ll notice some cute features you’ve never seen before...

4. Take a virtual trip.

It’s definitely a bummer that we can’t take a proper Valentine’s Baecation this year, but maybe you and your partner can start a tradition of taking virtual vacays! Plan out your trip like you would any other trip with a detailed itinerary and dedicated photo-ops, and then pick your virtual poison: you can go on quick 60 second virtual trips, explore a 360° beach paradise, or even take a tour of the world’s greatest museums. Don’t forget to take pics of your quarantine baecation!

5. Set up a fort for a decked-out movie night!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to watch (or force your partner to watch) some cheesy romance movies. Spruce it up by using a projector on the wall, create a make-shift fort, and order some cheap movie night themed popcorn containers, and obv your fav candy. HBOMax has all the love stories all laid out for you, ranging from true love to bad romance. You can even take this a step further by cu your own blockbuster love story, using clips from your storage and some you shoot that night.

This Valentine’s Day is surely one for the books, and we intend to make it an everlasting memory! Imagine the days when we are laughing and telling our grandchildren all about V-Day 2021? Even though it might not be the best day to go out for a fancy meal with a prix fixe menu, you can still have an exciting night celebrating your romance. And that’s all that really matters, right?

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