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Airbnb Has Introduced Online Experiences—Here Are the Best Ones

A few years back, Airbnb introduced Experiences on their site.

Along with booking a place to stay, you could also plan various activities around your location. It really made planning a trip even easier.

Now that no one is traveling, due to the coronavirus, Airbnb has pivoted into the online game. Recently, they launched Online Experiences, which are a ton of cool things you can do and see from the privacy of your own home.

We perused through them all to find the ones you should absolutely check out during your time in quarantine. See them all below!

woman smiling holding glass mug sitting beside table with MacBook

1. Meet the Dogs of Chernobyl

We've thought about visiting Chornobyl, Ukraine simply to see the abandoned pups that still live there, so this virtual tour is right up our alley. Let's be honest, it's really for anyone who wants to interact with adorable dogs, and that constitutes just about everyone right now.

This hour-long experience will introduce you to the sweet puppers that roam the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, while also letting you feed them while you watch. Isn't that something?

Book the experience here!

Meet the Dogs of Chernobyl online experience from Airbnb

2. Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk

Practicing meditation is one incredibly effective way to stay sane during these isolating times. Though it is tough to master, performing it with a Japanese Buddhist monk may help. Open your world to two different types of meditation and understand why this individual became a Buddhist monk in the first place. It's exactly the culture shock we're looking for!

Book the experience here!

Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk online experience from Airbnb

3. Make Swedish Pastries with a Pro Baker

We bet many of you are on the ultimate baking spree right now. If you've already mastered banana bread, why not kick things up a notch with this experience? Learn how to make the Swedish staple, Cinnamon and Cardamon buns, then enjoy them the rest of quarantine.

Book the experience here!

Make Swedish Pastries with a Pro Baker online experience from Airbnb

4. Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens

The title of this experience basically says it all, so we don't know what else will convince you to sign up for it. You've got sangria and drag queens—what more could you possibly ask for? Not only will you learn how to make authentic sangria, you'll experience quite the show from these queens. We don't want to spoil all the fun, so just know it's truly a treat.

Book the experience here!

Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens online experience from Airbnb

5. Personalized Interior Design Workshop

Seeing as we're all cooped up indoors for the time being, now is as good a time as any to gain some interior design skills. This hour-long workshop will give you all the personalized advice you need to make your home appear as though it came straight out of an Instagram image. At the end of the day, isn't that what we all want?

Book the experience here!

Personalized Interior Design Workshop online experience from Airbnb

6. Private Astrology Reading & Natal Chart

You may have thought about receiving an astrology and natal chart reading, you just never had the time to go through with it. Well, now you do. And this experience is one-of-a-kind. Not only will you understand what makes you who you are, you'll also get a gorgeous drawing of your chart that you can't find anywhere else.

Book the experience here!

Private Astrology Reading & Natal Chart online experience from Airbnb

7. Tarot Reading With Mak Jagger

Keeping on theme with all things spiritual, this tarot reading can help answer some pressing questions you may have going on in your life. You'll likely get what you've been looking for from a reading such as this, so be sure you make your inquiries as specific as possible.

Book the experience here!

Tarot Reading with Mak Jagger online experience from Airbnb

8. Make Colorful, Healthy Pasta

Pasta has become a staple now more than ever, as it's relatively easy to make and oh so delicious. Why not spruce up your go-to noodles by making them a whole lot more colorful? At the very least, it'll add some fun back into cooking during these trying times.

Book the experience here!

Make Colorful Healthy Pasta online experience from Airbnb

9. Zoom Around Paris on a Personalized Tour

Coronavirus can keep you from visiting Paris, but technology can't. Done through Zoom, this online experience will take you on a personalized tour of the most romantic city in the world. How could you pass up on something like this? It may even make a cute date night idea for you and your significant other.

Book the experience here!

Zoom Around Paris on a Personalized Tour online experience from Airbnb

10. Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas

Straight from Mexico, this class will teach you how to make authentic Mexican salsas. From roasted to raw to fried, you'll learn how to make salsa in three traditional ways. We bet you didn't know there were this many ways to create salsa, did you? Uncover that and so much more with this experience.

Book the experience here!

Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas online experience from Airbnb

Still looking for something a little more exciting? HERE'S how you can plan a virtual vacation!

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