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Sip Your Way to Exotic Locations With These Worldly Cocktail Recipes

Nothing screams vacation quite like having an exotic cocktail in your hand.

Vacations can't happen right now, but who says you can't sip on an international cocktail in the comfort of your own home? Certainly not us. We believe you can and should enjoy a cocktail from around the world, especially during these trying times.

So sharpen your bartending skills by creating one of these delicious international drinks now!

person holding orange cocktail in their hand

England: Pimm's Cup

Invented in London and popularized in New Orleans, Pimm's Cup is a refreshing cocktail made with mint, fruit, lemonade, and Pimm's. Pimm's is a gin-based liqueur offering a light and fruity taste.

Follow the recipe here!

Mexico: Margarita

In our eyes, margaritas are the ultimate vacation drink. They're a fun, lively cocktail that really. gets the party going. And there are so many different ways to make them, so you can whip it up any way you like.

Follow the recipe here!

Spain: Sangria

Sangria is perfect for parties, even if it's just a party for one. The mix of sweet fruit and tart wine is one of the best combinations around. We could sip on a class for hours and hours. In fact, forget the glass, bring us the whole bowl.

Follow the recipe here!

Peru: Pisco Sour

A Pisco Sour isn't for everyone, though many adore the Peruvian drink above all the other cocktails in the world. Tangy and sweet, what makes this drink unique is the use of egg whites. It doesn't sound all that tantalizing, but once you try it, your mind will be blown.

Follow the recipe here!

Cuba: Mojito

Mojitos are the summer drink. They're not to sweet, more so tart with a hint of mint and lime, making them quite the invigorating mix of flavors.

Follow the recipe here!

Singapore: Singapore Sling

Created in the Long Bars at Raffles House in Singapore, the Singapore Sling is a mix of gin, pineapple juice, and cherry liqueur. The original recipe is still being used at the hotel to this very day. Though you can't exactly visit right now, you can mix this up at home in no time.

Follow the recipe here!

Puerto Rico: Piña Colada

Do you like piña coladas? Or getting caught in the rain? Okay, enough of that, you likely already were singing the song the moment you saw the name of the drink before we even went there. Anyway, this coconut concoction offers quite the escape with its fruity flavors.

Follow the recipe here!

Italy: Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz has become a fairly popular drink over the last year or two. It might be because of how Instagram-worthy they are, though we think it's because people are finally coming around to the tart taste of this orange drink.

Follow the recipe here!

Belgium: Black Russian

We wouldn't have pegged the black russian cocktail to be invented in Belgium, but here we are. For those who like quite the kick in their cocktails, this blend of vodka and coffee liqueur is certainly something you'll appreciate.

Follow the recipe here!

Bermuda: Dark’n’Stormy

What a perfect name for a cocktail from Bermuda, don't you think? Though the Dark'n'Stormy sounds intense, it's a simple combination of ginger beer and dark rum. And to finish it off, a garnish of lime.

Follow the recipe here!

Netherlands: Rose Gimlet

For a simply stunning drink, the rose gimlet should become your go-to. It looks as if it were made for a princess, so you'll feel like royalty sipping on the mix of gin, lemonade, elderflower liqueur, and fresh lime juice. Don't forget the rose petal garnish, as that's what makes it pop!

Follow the recipe here!

Germany: Beer and Deer

Not exactly a cocktail, but an easy-to-make drink nonetheless, the beer and deer from Germany is a beer with a shot of Jägermeister. You can't go wrong with this mix.

Find the recipe here!

And for some food to accompany these drinks, we suggest following the recipes in THESE international cooking books.

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