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All You Need Is a Treadmill to Prepare for Your Next Trip

Adventure is out there, though we physically cannot chase after it at this point in time.

We're quarantined indoors to help stop the spread of coronavirus, which has caused plenty of us adventurous souls to go a little bit stir-crazy.

Our wanderlust has really gotten the best of us; some of us were hit harder than others. Though, this has brought out the creativity in us all.

Jet-setters all over Instagram kicked things off by using their washers and dryers to pretend as if they were flying on a plane. Now, things have been taken a step further.

To fully prepare for their next trip while in quarantine, individuals everywhere are using a little help from a treadmill.

From using it as a moving walkway to treating it like baggage claim, a treadmill really is the best way to get your ready for your next airport adventure.

Apparently, we've all been using it wrong this whole time.

Seeing as it can double as an exercise machine and a way for us to pretend as if we're flying off to Paris, investing in a treadmill may very well be the thing to save our sanity while in isolation.

Regardless, we can't wait to see what other creative challenges stuck-at-home travelers come up with during this period.

Quarantine is hitting everyone a little bit differently. We bet we know how you're dealing with it all, based on your zodiac sign. Find out if we guessed correctly HERE!

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