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Why You Should Travel 

Ep. 1 

An 8-minute episode explaining why everyone should travel and integrate adventure into their lifestyles. 

Couchsurfing in Ibiza as a Solo Female Traveler

Ep. 2

When I was 20 years old I traveled across two countries, couch surfing on random people's couches. In this episode, I will explain why I couch-surfed and how it changed my life and allowed me to travel.

Airbnb is Key for Budget and Luxury Travelers

Ep. 3

If you aren't using Airbnb to travel more affordably then you should be, and we will explain why.

Travel Photography and Videography with --- 

Ep. 4

How photographers and videographers can use their skills to travel the world while making money on the road.

We Studied Abroad in Spain for 5 Weeks.

Ep. 5

Featuring --- this episode will explain our experience studying abroad together in Spain. We will share our abroad story and explain why you should study or travel abroad for an extended period of time.

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