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Explore volunteer opportunities around the world on Workaway's dynamic site. 

Here, you'll find jobs ranging from working on a vineyard, or teaching english in Thailand, to renovating an old castle in Tuscany, and beyond. Before signing up for a membership, you can explore opportunities for free!


If you have any interest in working on farms in exchange for housing and food, WWOOF is renowned for farm work-exchange opportunities.

Join solo or as a couple and start applying for WWOOF opportunities today!


Trusted Housesitters is a phenomenal website for finding house and pet sits around the globe. 

In exchange for taking care of houses while the owners are away, you will get a free place to crash. The yearly membership fee quickly offsets itself after just ONE housesit.

Stay with locals and gain useful experience with Helpx work exchange!

In exchange for your help, most hosts will offer housing and meals to cover most of your living expenses abroad.

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