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lake tahoe

4 night escape

lake tahoe

hunker down in a cozy cabin by the lake

Pack your bags and prep for a vacay at one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world. This covid-friendly vacay offers an unforgettable outdoors adventure filled with moments of calm. Lake Tahoe makes a great winter or warm-weather escape, too!


$1,550 solo traveler

$1,250 for 2 people

Payment plan available

What's Included:

  • Your roundtrip flight to Reno, Nevada + car rental to road trip down to Lake Tahoe.

  • Highly rated airbnb or hotel 

  • One surprise excursion on us!

  • A city guide to explore the best experiences that Lake Tahoe has to offer.


You're Responsible For:

  • Cruising majestic waters

  • Popping into local shops

  • Hiking along gorgeous trails

  •  Relaxing at your cabin

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