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Your credit score is an all-encompassing portfolio of your financial situation, and it is used by banks to get a good understanding of who you are - financially. 


Knowing & managing your score can have a great impact on your day to day life - for real.

If you are financially responsible and you don't have a travel credit card, then simply put, you're' missing out.

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What makes up a credit score?

Payment History

Do you pay your accounts on time? Late payments can have a negative impact on your score.

Hard Inquiries 

Try to keep credit inquiries to a minimum. 1-2 every two years is best. 

Length of Credit History

Keep your credit card accounts open. The longer your accounts are established, the better.

Types of Credit

Having different types of credit (, credit card, student loans) accounts can help improve your score. 

Amounts Owed

Keep your balances low by using less than 10% of your available credit. Set up payments on any existing debts or collections.


Credit Score Facts

90% of Lenders use FICO to determine whether or not to accept credit applications.

FICO Scores are calculated based only on information in a consumer's credit report maintained by the 3 major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

While hard inquiries do affect your score, checking your credit score will not hurt it. 

A low credit score can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime!

Understanding Inquiries

Soft Inquiry

Has NO impact on your credit score. This is a soft-pull of your credit to see if you pre-qualify for:

  • Credit Card Offers

  • Insurance Quotes

  • Employment Verification

  • Background Checks

Hard Inquiry

For every hard inquiry, your application may take a temporary ding to your credit score. Hard Inquiry applications include:

  • Mortgage

  • Auto loan

  • Credit card

  • Student loan

  • Personal loan

  • Apartment rental

What even is your Score?

So you need to know your score, Great!

Here are your options:

  • Every year you get a detailed report from 

  • For daily access, go to the reputable site Here you can see your updated score and make sure you are managing your credit regularly, as you should be!

  • If you have a credit card, you usually will have access to a credit reporting agency directly   through your banking app, check it out!

All of these options will

have no impact to your score

Quick Credit Boosters

Remember that everything takes time, and Rome wasn't built in a day. But here are a couple steps you can take to boost your credit score within a reasonable timeframe (i.e. a couple months).

Pay off any existing credit card debt

Set up automatic payments to make sure you never miss a bill payment

Setup a payment plan on any collections accounts

Always pay your credit card balance off in FULL every month.

Dispute any errors on your credit report

Now that you know more about your score,